Five mistakes beginners make in PUBG Mobile

Five mistakes beginners make in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is intensely competitive since it attracts a large gamer base with its tactical Battle Royale experience. As a result, beginners might often struggle to survive against more seasoned and trained players. However, by avoiding some basic mistakes, the amateurs can improve their chances of winning the chicken dinner.


5 most common mistakes beginners make in PUBG Mobile :-

Survival over looting:

A lot of beginners make the mistake of becoming too engrossed in looting. While getting good loot is essential for survival, chances are low that you will find good loot immediately where you land.

If you spend too much time looting, you open yourself up to enemy attacks.

Proceed to collect loot from killed opponents, which is likely to be more valuable.

Blue zone shrink:

Beginners often get overwhelmed since PUBG Mobile requires a degree of efficient multitasking.

Gamers are tasked with looting, killing opponents, avoid getting killed, all the while remaining within the playzone.

Since the first three functions take up much attention, beginners often forget about the playzone shrink.

Most beginners do not time their runs into the playzone, eventually getting killed by the blue circle.

Airdrop rushing:

Beginners just like all PUBG gamers know that the airdrop carries higher grade weapons along with level 3 armor.

Therefore, whenever they see airdrops they get greedy, hoping to get the best loot in the game.

Mostly they get killed by pros who camp to eliminate opponents arriving at airdrop sites.

It is best to avoid airdrops unless you are prepared for heavy firefights…..Read more>>