Five best looting tips in PUBG

Five best looting tips in PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most tactically accurate Battle Royale games. Players get highly competitive in solos, duos or squads, as they battle for the top spot among 100 others. Therefore, it depends largely on smart looting and wise engagements on the road to winning the chicken dinner.


With that in mind, we bring you, top five looting tips in PUBG.

Pick your landing spot wisely :-

According to Battle Royale rules, players land without any weapons and have to loot before they can engage in firefights.

Therefore, it is smart to choose landing spots in such a manner that you do not face high action immediately and can loot and gear up in peace before encountering enemies.

We suggest choosing slightly offbeat spots and landing accurately to optimize looting time.

Prioritize gear over weapons, important to have protection :-

After landing, you must prioritize your looting, meaning, you must decide what is most important to you immediately in the game.

Usually, the order is a vest, helmet, some basic weaponry and then a backpack.

We suggest prioritizing gear over weapons at first since it is more important to have protection in case you run into enemies suddenly, instead of having a fancy weapon.

Pick up the hard-to-find weapon attachments when you spot them :-

Sometimes while looting you might come across ammunition or weapon attachments for guns you currently do not have but would prefer to, during the game.

We suggest picking them up immediately. Weapon attachments, especially things like suppressors, or extended quickdraw magazines are hard to find.

Hence, pick them up when you find them and they will get auto equipped once you get compatible guns…..Read more>>